Igneous System

Ig Build Pty Ltd (ABN 46 619 806 772) is a company whose interests lie in designing, research and developing buildings and structures suitable for locating in any disaster prone area worldwide which are also totally 'off-grid'.

Currently those products include the Igneous Building System and the IgPod.

Both Igneous and IgPod have had patents approved and registered in Australia and the USA; Europe is pending. Copyright and IP vests with the inventor, P.D. Faigen.



The IgPod is a refuge unit, or escape pod, for use in emergency situations

where natural or man-made disasters become catastrophic and immediate refuge is needed.

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Definition of Igneous: adjective: of, relating to, or characteristic of fire

The criteria adopted was to provide a durable building that could

...be usable after all of these disaster events and not require repairs:

  • Sustain a 20 minute hailstorm of 80mm projectiles @125km/h
  • Water inundation above floor level (flooding)
  • External fire risk (bushfire) with radiant heat over 40kw/m2
  • Exposure to extreme rain for 1 hour
  • Gusting winds to 279km/hr (cyclonic)

The Igneous concept achieved wide acclaim at the 2015 GRCA conference (Dubai April 19-21). It is presented as “pre-release” while final design details are completed, manufacturers are sourced and the certification process is completed.

View the Igbuild Plans Poster* View the Igbuild Presentation

*As shown at the Blue Mountains Bushfire Conference Nov. 2019

Igneous building system prototype poster
Igneous house cross section
Ignouse house floor plan

All material in connection with the Igneous System and the Igneous House is copyright to P.D. (Phil) Faigen who owns the Intellectual Property thereto. Patent published.



We know fire can destroy a building by penetrating the ‘external skin’ and other openings, leaving little in its wake.

  • Water to fight the fire,
    and plenty of it
  • To prevent embers
    attacking the building
  • To ensure windows and
    openings are protected
  • Non-combustible materials

See below for a preview of the IgPod - a refuge unit.


The IgPod... A Refuge Unit

This is a pre-release for the IgPod which is conceived to become a refuge unit, or escape pod, for use in emergency situations where natural or man-made disasters become catastrophic and immediate refuge is needed.

It is ideal for people such as firefighters, land owners, workers (miners) or other people when in distress, for example as a Private Bushfire Shelter.


  • innovative, durable and sustainable
  • suitable for bushfire, flooding and cyclonic areas
  • single or multiple stories
  • dismantle and relocate with ease
  • suitable for coastal conditions
  • country or remote areas
  • refuge housing locally or overseas
  • community living
  • mining companies
  • Indigenous housing
  • residential and commercial
  • lock-up achievable in 7 working days from site preparation
  • no site wastage
  • minimal maintenance
  • variety of layouts
  • extend horizontally or vertically
  • structural components will not burn
  • water, solar power and air conditioning inherent in design
  • can be readily dismantled and relocated
  • life cycle costing effective


Phil Faigen graduated at UWA as an architect in 1972. The Igneous System effectively started in 1975 when Phil built this ferrocement dome in his back yard in Dianella, Western Australia. While lecturing at Curtin University of Technology (1990-2004) he 'found' GRC. The Igneous System has been gestating all the while.

1975 - The site
1975 - Completed Gazebo 2.4m diameter